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The Map’s Edge is blessed with having a host of what are, quite literally, some of the best guides in Tanzania. Quite a bold statement and we know it.

Your Safari Guide is THE make or break of a safari. A good guide will head off in the opposite direction to everyone else, to remote corners of the Wilderness that a lesser guide would fear to tread, he will thrill and educate you.

He can read the morning spoor like you can the

FT, but above all he will share with you the passion he has for East Africa, her wildlife, her wilderness areas and her people, as diverse as the land they live in.

                                                             You will leave as friends, in constant touch on

                                                            the where and when of the next safari.

                                                             A bad Guide just leaves you wondering what

                                                       all the hype for coming on safari was all about. It was just an expensive choice of holiday that you won’t be making again.

A good guide has you saving for the next safari the very instant you get back home. It will become a lifetime love affair with a continent not as dark as one would think - one alive with colour and beauty, with the space to which, in every busy life, we yearn to escape.

To be a Map’s Edge Guide, yes, you do have to have a phenomenal amount of Wildlife knowledge and this comes as standard but we believe isn’t everything. A good guide takes you on a journey where figuring out the differences between Giraffe and Zebra droppings is fun, where identifying your needs and priorities on safari goes way beyond identifying that bird in that Acacia.

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