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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the best time to go on safari?

There is always a best time somewhere in the safari world.

It very much depends on what grabs your fancy as to when you  need to travel to see it. Or if you have only one safari window, we can fit the best experience into the frame.

The seasons in each country will have their peak moments and peak areas at any particular time and there are very few locations that are best all year round.

Price can  also help you choose, as off peak travel can save you a few bob and the wildlife experience will still be well worth it

Southern Tanzania and Zambia do get very hot and often humid from October through to March and some camps and beach destinations throughout the safari world are closed from mid-March to May. But don’t let that put you off, April and May in the Serengeti can be spectacular and with very few other vehicles about to spoil the view.

How do I decide which safari destination I want to visit?

The choices can be bewildering. We can help narrow them down for you, depending on your interests and whether you are a first time safari debutant or a seasoned bush hero. The bigger and more diverse parks such as the Maasai Mara or the Serengeti will trigger a life-long love affair for newbies and the old timer will be keen to look for the more elusive and unusual birds or animals that they have yet to see.

Have a look at our Why Tanzania? Why Kenya? Why Uganda? Why Rwanda? for suggestions.

How and when do I book a safari?

If you want to dip your toes into the African dust, then the earlier you start the process the better, especially if you are thinking of travelling at peak times such as July/August and Christmas/New Year. This helps bring the widest choice and the best availability options. However, not everyone will have this luxury, so we can help out, even if you  decide to travel next month.

Contact us by using the automatic link below and our Sales team will be ready and waiting

Why should I travel with The Map’s Edge?

We are here on the ground in East Africa. Between us, we have a century of professional experience of safaris across this corner of the globe: from going on safari ourselves, guiding safaris, visiting camps and lodges to planning and selling safaris.  We are fully licensed and insured; owner-operated and have been successfully introducing folks to East Africa  since 2008.

We believe in toilor- made safaris, with excellent guides, designed according to your interests and specifications. And being small, we have time to listen.

You may not have heard of us before as we do not take out adverts in travel magazines or put ourselves up on billboards. We rely on word of mouth and referrals for much of our business.

We would be happy to put you  in contact with past clients for references.

© the Map’s Edge ltd 2009

Why go on safari in the first place?

If you love to travel, discovering new corners of the world to explore, enjoy a great view, hanker after wide horizons or are just looking for a complete change to your regular lives - come on safari.

If you love feeding the birds in your garden,  or are a secret David Attenborough addict, support a wildlife charity  or have a pet of your own - come on safari.

If you are more scientifically-minded and are interested in biology, geology, anthropology, ornithology, lepidoptory, ecology, climatology - come on safari.

Safaris are holidays with a difference and you can appreciate it all the more along with a cold drink by the camp fire in the evening or snug in your comfortable tent listening to the bush sounds, lazing in a luxurious lodge pool as you gaze across at the game, trekking along the game trails or out and about in your reliable 4WD, with your eagle-eyed guide.