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Throttle the Bottle campaign

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Join us in reducing the scourge of the throwaway plastic water bottle to keep Africa's wilderness areas as pristine as we can and the wildlife safer.

Drive behind a long-distance bus and watch the empty plastic bottles being thrown carelessly out the window ,only to roll to a stop in some grass and bushes on the side. There to remain, as no-one is around to clear up afterwards.

Cast your eye around when you are on safari. Look along river beds, by bridges, at the foot of trees. Check out the surrounds at a public picnic site in our national parks and see the dustbins overflowing with these bottles. When they are collected, there is no proper re-cycling facilities within easy reach, so the bottles usually end up in holes in the ground.

Plastics are not bio-degradable. They remain in our eco-system for at least 450 years. Our careless habits of today will haunt 20 future generations.

Beaten by the sun, waves and wind, plastic just breaks down into ever smaller pieces, leaching toxins into the soil and water supply. They are ingested by animals, birds and marine life - often with disastrous consequences.

We have contacted all our safari suppliers - from camps to hotels;from transfer companies to car hire; from private charter companies to scheduled flight carriers and asked them to support our campaign by providing safe drinking water from bulk water supplies instead of the blue plastic half and one litre bottles that are easy, convenient and yet destructive to the environment in which we all live.

We have also spread the word through newspaper and magazine articles, talks and lectures as well as taking stands at Trade shows and at fund raising events in Arusha and abroad.

We give all of our clients a reusable stainless steel bottle for their safari and hope that they will also spread the good word when they return home.

Step by step, litre by litre, we can all make a difference to

the places we love and live in.

Support our campaign, as it develops, on facebook and twitter