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You cannot get much greener than this Flap-necked Chameleon, photographed on the edge of Arusha National Park.  One major challenge he faces is the daily threat of being grabbed by a keen-eyed Lizard Buzzard. But in the wider scheme of things, his brethren are also losing their natural habitat, as more and more bush and is lost to chemical-saturated agriculture or the hunt for dwindling firewood.

Flappy is not in a position to do much to protect his own lot, but we are able to make a difference, however small, to the place we live in and the country

Carbon Tanzania

There is a lot of hot air generated by the subject of carbon trading, and a lot of controversy, but we have found a grass-roots project that we think does make a difference. Carbon Tanzania uses the voluntary donations that we include on all our itineraries, to fund two projects that are open to visitors. In tandem with a local village, they have leased land surrounding a protected area in the Monduli hills and planted indigenous trees, extending the eco-system, protecting the water-catchment area and providing sustainable livelihoods for the community. In Yaeda, a new community project with the Hadzabe hunter-gatherers is helping to reforest the area, protect the traditional lands and run a team of local anti-poaching scouts to help the Hadza retain their traditional life style in the face of modern encroachment.

The Green Chameleon

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For those of you who are

interested, we  have

marked the properties that, we feel, make a real effort to be more sustainable and responsible by adding a picture of Flappy to the accommodation reviews


The Kenyan Professional

safari Guides Association

Being a great guide is not just about knowing the pupation

period of  mosquito larvae, it is also about understanding the

connections: the links in nature’s chain. A good guide is a teacher, encouraging understanding and respect for the world we live in and the threats that these beautiful creatures and plants, big and small, face. The KPSGA, though its accreditation scheme, encourages and rewards excellence in guides and a promotes a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Richard Knocker is the first Gold-accredited guide in Tanzania and the 11th in East Africa. Squack Evans and Jules Knocker are both Silver-accredited guides, with Squack planning to take his Gold in the next year.

The Serengeti Lion Project is the longest serving research project in the Serengeti and has been on-going for over 30 years, providing valuable insights into lion behaviour and the Serengeti eco-system. Their most recent project, which Map’s Edge has sponsored, is to place 200 motion sensor cameras around the park to see who walks by.

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How do you train to become a competitive cyclist and hold down a job bringing in much needed cash when you come from a poor background?  The ACC have come up with an innovative scheme of Bicycle Messengers. These young enthusiasts deliver vouchers, cheques and messages all around town much faster than a car could and with no carbon footprint - all the while putting in much needed hours of practice. Emmanuel, our first bike messenger, actually represented Tanzania at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and Ali, our second messenger, now also competes nationally. Emmanuel Mollel is our current recruit and is training hard, as well as working as an apprentice at the local bike repair shop.

The Arusha Cycling Club

Bicycle Messenger

The Flying Doctors Society

The Flying Doctors    

      Society is a well-loved

     institution for all those who

                    live and work in the bush.                           Through fund-raising and the selling of medical evacuation insurance to tourists, they run vital bush clinics and emergency evacuations for the rural people who cannot afford proper medical care and for whom an emergency would always be life-threatening. They also support programs to train mid-wives for rural areas as well as education programs on local health care. We supply FDS medical evacuation insurance to all our clients travelling with us. It will get you to proper medical care fast, in the very unlikely situation that you need it, and if you do not, you are helping to support better healthcare across rural East Africa.

Responsible Tourism Tanzania

RTTZ is the newest kid on the block and started operations in 2015. Set up to

provide a wealth of information

helping operators and

accommodations be more ‘green’,  

It also is providing an

accreditation system

and auditing process for lodges

and tour operators within Tanzania. RTTZ is actively encouraging and promoting responsible and sustainable practices in the Tourism scene in Tanzania.