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Properties that we feel make an effort to be more responsible and sustainable

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Mafia Island

Butiama Beach Lodge

Type: Lodge              Board basis: HB

No of rooms: 7          Restaurant: yYs

Price range: $

Pool: Yes

Kinasi Lodge

Type: Lodge              Board basis: FB

No of rooms: 14         

Price range: $$

Pool: Yes

Pole Pole

Type: Lodge                   Board basis: FB

No of rooms: 7           

Price range: $$

Pool: Yes

Shamba Kilole

Type: Lodge             Board basis: FB

No of rooms: 6         

Price range: $$

Pool: Yes

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Price range per person per night (2 people sharing)

$     $100 - $150

$$    $151- $300

$$$  more than $301

All prices include Bed and Breakfast accommodation, unless otherwise specified. Some hotels also offer lunch and dinner

HIGH season prices, discounts may be available for low season.