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Specialty Safaris

On yer bike……. or horse or canoe

Why not look at safaris from a totally different angle and put some elbow grease into it?

Horse riding in the Chuylus, the Mara, Serengeti,the slopes of Kilimanjaro and Meru or Lake Mburu in Uganda?

Mountain biking through rural Tanzania?

Canoeing on Lake Tanganyika, Arusha National Park

White water rafting in Jinja, Uganda?

Depending on location, rides of both kinds may be done over a few nights or as day activities from a lodge.

Taking a walk on the wild side

There is nothing like getting the dust between your feet and the wind in your face to help you put the natural world into perspective. Here, you have time to learn and appreciate the small and the large that form an intricate web of dependency and evolution in the most surprising ways.

Walking safaris are usually 2 to 5 nights long and are offered in a few parks in Tanzania and Kenya.They can be combined as part of a longer safari itinerary. Or add a bit of spice and go on a camel safari.

A birding spectacular

East Africa is a birders’ paradise and full of contrasting habitats, seasons and eco-systems. From October to March, the migrants from Eurasia arrive swelling already impressive numbers.;The Rift Valley splits sub-species; the soda and freshwater lakes provide abundant food and the beaches team with all those waders. From the easy-to-spot Marabu storks to the tricky thick-forest endemics like the Green-backed twinspot, East Africa is a gem for bird enthusiasts

You can pick up an impressive bird list on a standard safari, or we can offer you special places with specialist guides for those elusive species.

A Life of Adventure

Spend a few nights with the Hadzabe, a small group of hunter-gathers living near Lake Eyasi and learn to appreciate their bush craft, passed down over the generations.

Test your endurance with a climb up one or two or three of our mountains . There are a few to choose from! They do not require technical expertise but you do need a reasonable level of fitness.

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